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Sea Monkeys

Sea Monkeys Ocean Zoo

Sea Monkeys Ocean Zoo

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Sea Monkeys Ocean Zoo

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Begin a new amazing hobby with the Sea-Monkeys: Ocean Zoo pack! It includes everything you need to get started. It’s quick and easy! The handbook will tell you everything you need to know about Sea-Monkeys.

Sea-Monkeys are an educational living science experiment that kids and adults have loved ever since they were created. Activating the eggs is a valuable opportunity to learn from seeing biology in action, and fascinating to watch for all ages. Once your Sea-Monkeys hatch you will be able to observe their full life cycle in real time, watching them grow as you feed them.

Sea-Monkeys are a great present for children who want a pet. Your kids will learn the importance of caring for living things and their environment, all on a manageable scale.


  • Bring them to life, all you need is water!
  • Follow the instructions carefully and enjoy your new amazing hobby!
  • Add the Sea-Monkeys eggs and you are ready for instant life!
  • Feed them and watch them grow up to 2cm!
  • Suitable for ages 5 & up
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