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Tuxedo Cat Family (4582722437155)
Tuxedo Cat Family (4582722437155)

SF Tuxedo Cat Family

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Father Mason Marlowe is very giving and kind and loves spending time with his family. Mason is the tennis coach in Sylvania and teaches tennis to Sylvanians of all ages.
Mother Natalie Marlowe used to be a ballroom dancer in her youth and now loves teaching ballroom dancing to other Sylvanians. Natalie's other love is fashion. She keeps up with all the latest trends and enjoys shopping at the village boutiques as a weekend treat!
Lily Marlowe is a lot like her mother and loves to shop for pretty dresses. She loves to dress up and always looks beautiful at the school dance. Lily dreams of being a famous dancer when she is older.
Rose Marlowe is more like her father. She is very athletic and her favourite sport is tennis - in fact, Rose is her father Mason's star pupil and always has been!


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CJ Bear's Hot Air Balloon