RB Minecraft Board Game (4561972690979)
RB Minecraft Board Game (4561972690979)
RB Minecraft Board Game (4561972690979)

RB Minecraft Board Game

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Explore the Overworld, face dangerous mobs, and mine resources to build fantastic structures! The world's bestselling videogame, Minecraft, has been adapted into an easy-to-learn strategy board game perfect for tabletop gamers and Minecraft fans alike.
Each turn, players take two of five possible actions: explore the Overworld, mine resources from a block of resource cubes, build structures, collect weapons, or fight mobs like Endermen and Creepers. Build carefully and fight bravely to win!

  • Age: 10 years and up
  • Item no: 261321
  • Package Dimensions: Approx 25 x 25 x 8 cms
  • Approx play time: 30-60mins
  • Players: 2-4 players
  • Developed in collaboration with Mojang, Minecraft: Builders & Biomes brings players together in a shared, in-person experience.
  • Explore a new Overworld grid and try a new building and Biome strategy every time!
  • Easy to learn with a clear, high-quality instruction manual. Start playing right away!
  • Minecraft Builders & Biomes is the perfect holiday or birthday gift for Minecraft lovers everywhere.
  • Minecraft: Builders & Biomes comes with high-quality game pieces including 64 resource cubes, 64 building and monster cards, 36 weapon tokens, 4 player boards, 4 experience counters, 4 character skins, 4 game piece bases, 12 overview cards, 1 resource cube base, 1 support structure, and instructions.
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