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Crazy Scientist

Crazy Scientist Young Survivor

Crazy Scientist Young Survivor

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Crazy Scientist Young Survivor

Discover over a dozen fun and fascinating experiments and learn a variety of skills and "know how" that will help keep you alive in nature with The Purple Cow Crazy Scientist Lab - Young Survivor Kit. Darwin once talked about "Survival of the fittest" so you had better be fit to survive!  Young survivors will learn how to distill and purify water, generate water from plants, light a fire without matches, to build a solor stove, a sundial, and a compass, learn morse code and more.

'Lab Science Kits' series, is a collection of science experiments, that was created by a joint venture of 2 crazy scientists and the 'Purple Cow'. A combination bound to create an excellent and yet crazy experience! Each science experiment comes with a simple and yet clever scientific explanation and in a compact, good quality metal tin. These science kits are a fun and engaging way to incorporate STEM education concepts into a classroom, playgroup or at home.

Suitable for Ages: 6+ 

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