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Crazy Scientist Water Gel Lab (4571835170851)

Crazy Scientist Water Gel Lab

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The world around is intriguing, we can gain much from experimenting with it and learning about it. This science kit provides children the opportunity to become real researchers for a few hours and to experiment with their own private laboratory.

  • Age 8 years and up
  • Tin Size(cm, W/L): 16.7 x 24.6
  • Features: This focuses on water gels. Experiment with special characteristics of polymers and how they interact with water & other substances. Perform fun science tricks such as the vanishing beads & disappearing water. Create a unique bracelet made of water gel. 14 fun experiments.
  • Includes: Transparent Water Gel Beads, Colourful Water Gel Beads, Transparent Tube & Seal, 9x Colour Tablets, Test Tube, Pipette, SAP powder, Tiny Tablespoon, Standard Tablespoon
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