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Build Mechanics Lab NASA Rover

Build Mechanics Lab NASA Rover

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Build Mechanics Lab NASA Rover

Through the assembly of the different components, the child trains the manual skills and tests his ideas and verifies concretely whether the solutions found are correct or can be improved.

The richness of the interchangeable components, the precision of the joints and the adaptability of the pieces allow for building 20 models with the same pieces.

A great mechanics workshop to stimulate creativity and imagination. A gaming experience that requires concentration and precision at all stages. A construction set for children from 8 years and up, the ideal gift for mechanics and space enthusiasts.

In addition to the manual illustrated with the app, you can discover up to 20 models and follow the interactive 3D instructions related to the various assembly steps in a simple and fun way.

Conceived, designed, and developed in Italy.

Age target: 8+

Box size (LxPxA): 45.1 x 7 x 31.1 cm

Weight: 1.2 Kilograms

Batteries needed: YES (4 AA Batteries)

Batteries included: No

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