Welcome to our Website

Welcome to our Website

It is finally here! The website is up and running but we still have a lot of products to load in and other little extras that need to get done. So please be patient as we load on the stores inventory. Please contact us on info@crackerjacktoys.co.nz if you have any questions about the stock or maybe you cant see an item that you think we have but isnt showing.

We do have a click and collect option at checkout and we will be loading in giftwrap options etc as soon as possible.

Also if you are scrolling down the page and you would like to get back to the top of the page quickly then click on CJ Bear in his balloon and he will zoom you to the top!

Enjoy the website and don't forget that we will be loading more products every day.

Shadow of CJ Bear's Hot Air Balloon
CJ Bear's Hot Air Balloon