Viking Midi Tractor (6584109760711)

Viking Midi Tractor

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Viking Midi Tractor

Fun toy tractor: Midi Tractor in gift box is a fun tractor measuring 21 cm with a durable front loader with a handle excellent for digging and shovelling sand.

Fine motor skills: Digging and scooping with the tractor develops the children's fine motor skills and they learn to handle their movements.

Exploratory play: In the play with the tractor, children can explore different materials and find out that some material is easier to dig and shovel than other. It is easy to showel away sand, but it is hard and heavy to scoop away a big stone.

Spurs imagination: The simple design of the tractor spurs children's imagination. And it's the children that decide what the digger truck can do. Head for the fields, let the farmer inside you work hard, in the living room or in the sandpit

Durable and dishwasher proof: This tractor is made of non toxic material so durable that future generations can enjoy it. It can also be run in the dishwasher before the play moves inside.

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