Viking Midi Fire Truck (6584109859015)

Viking Midi Fire Truck

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Viking Midi Fire Truck

Fun Toy Fire Truck: Midi Fire Truck is a fun toy fire truck that lets your child race to the emergency and save the day. The fire truck measures 21 cm and features a adjustable ladder. This durable fire truck is perfect for the young fire fighter

Fine motor skills: When the children try to save the family cat from the tree. Set the ladder in right position and climb up with the firefighters they develop their fine motor skills.

Exploratory play: With the fire truck, the children do not just explore how high the steps can reach. They also step into the role of firefighters and explore the profession in their own way. The children can take turns pretending to be the Fireman who drives the truck or the one who climbs up the ladder. This role play improves your childs social skills.

Imaginative play: Kids will love to create imaginative and impossible rescue adventures with this fire truck with the help of their imagination. It's the children who decide what the fire truck is capable of. Not buttons and engines. Both indoors and outdoors: The fire truck is durable.

Made to be use booth indoor and outdoor. When the fire truck gets dirty, just put it in the dishwasher

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