Viking Jumbo Construction Digger Truck (4607370362915)

Viking Jumbo Construction Digger Truck

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Fun and durable toy digger truck: Jumbo Digger Truck is a fun toy truck with timeless design classic construction colors, yellow and black. The truck features a robust movable digger ready to deliver great play adventures year after year to the children. Perfect for the little builder.

Fine motor skills: When children play and use the trucks moveable digger to build a castle in the sand pit or try to dig a deep hole, they develop their fine motor skills. The children learn to control the movement of their hands.

Exploratory play: In the fun adventures play with the construction digger truck, children explore different places and materials to find where it is best to dig. They learn that there will be holes when they dig in the sand in the sandbox but not if they do it on the kitchen floor.

Spurs imagination: The digger trucks simple design spur imaginative play. Because it's the children that decide what the digger truck can do.

Both indoor and outdoor: The construction digger truck is made for outdoor play but is equally fun indoors, because it is made to trigger and withstand rough play. When the play ends outside from the sandbox and the children want to continue the play inside, simply wash the truck in the dishwasher.

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