Duel Powers: Revolution 1917 (4635974631459)
Duel Powers: Revolution 1917 (4635974631459)

Duel Powers: Revolution 1917

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In March of 1917, Tsar Nicholas II was forced to abdicate the throne of Russia…

In his place, a conservative Provisional Government formed, representing the official authority of the state. Opposed to the newly formed government stood the Petrograd Soviet, an elected council of workers organized by socialist activists.

Over the following months, an internal struggle for power and influence would dominate the country and spark a social revolution. In this state of dual power, or dvoevlastie, charismatic and powerful leaders would rise with the tide of public dissatisfaction and change the course of Russian politics forever.

  • Dual Powers: Revolution 1917 is an area control strategy game for 1–2 players.
  • In Dual Powers, players direct the forces on one side of this struggle through political action, social maneuvering, and military conflict.
  • Each player directs the forces of the conservative Provisional Government or the socialist activists of the Petrograd Soviet in a struggle for power and influence that will shape Russia's future and either launch or suppress the impending civil war.
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