SC Big Horse Show Expanded (4605564321827)
SC Big Horse Show Expanded (4605564321827)
SC Big Horse Show Expanded (4605564321827)

SC Big Horse Show Expanded

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The expanded version includes an extra horse and rider for cometition, as well as more fences for a bigger show!

Fun facts about horse shows: Competitions of the sport are held in a big course that has colored fences, turns and direction changes. It is the rider's duty to complete the whole course without losing his step (or his horse's or pony's) in order to achieve a clear round. Riders with clear rounds are cleared to continue to the jump-off, a shorter course that features higher fences, and whoever gets the fastest clear round during this phase wins the competition!

  • Age: 5-12 years
  • Category: Horse Club
  • Product Dimension: Approx 56 x 38 x 15 cms
  • Contents: 2 horses, 2 riders and a lots of accessories
  • Hand painted and highly detailed
  • Made of high quality plastic
  • Extremely life-like and realistic design
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