ME Bass Fiddle (4569556746275)
ME Bass Fiddle (4569556746275)

ME Bass Fiddle

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These amazingly detailed DIY models starts as 10 centimetre square steel sheets and finish as amazing 3D models. Use the easy to follow instructions to pop out the pieces, bend the tabs, and connect them at the attachment points.

Bass Fiddle Is a stringed musical instrument that usually consists of 4 strings and rests vertically on the floor when played. It is the largest instrument of the violin family with the lowest pitch sounding an octave lower than the cello. It can be played either with a bow or by plucking the strings.

  • Age 14 years and up
  • Approx Dimensions (unassembled): 10 cm
  • Approx Dimensions (assembled): 11.43 x 3.81 x 2.03 cm
  • Extraordinary 3-D laser cut models that assemble in about 40 minutes.
  • Parts can be easily removed from the metal sheets using a pair of clippers and a pair of tweezers for bending (not included)
  • Display shown not included
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