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Lottie Bee Yourself (4572446654499)

Lottie Bee Yourself

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Lottie is the perfect toy for boys and girls - fun, educational, portable, and perfectly giftable. The collectable dolls empower children to be themselves, be imaginative, and - most of all - to have fun. Designed in Ireland, Lottie is all about letting children be themselves, not growing up too quickly and presenting a healthy view on a realistic body image. Irish doll company, Lottie Dolls, believes every child should feel they belong and are represented regardless of gender, ethnicity or ability. Lottie Dolls vision is to empower kids to embrace their imagination, enjoy childhood and through their kid inspired dolls to provide positive role models. With a lot of clothes, fun accessories, Horses and Puppies as well as Toy sets, Lottie is the perfect doll for children and kids from age 3. Buy Lottie now and enjoy childhood without limitation!

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