Lottie Royal Flower Girl

Lottie Royal Flower Girl

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My uncle is getting married and he’s asked me to be his flower girl. It’s a very important job. I’m really excited to wear my dress and carry a posy though I do feel a bit shy about walking up the aisle. But my uncle says that I’ll be great. His advice? “Be bold, be brave, be you!”

All Lottie dolls feature:

  • 7.5" tall doll
  • Detailed clothing that allows for imaginative, dressable fun
  • High quality Japanese hair that is soft and very strokable
  • Moveable joints that encourage creative, poseable play
  • Ball socket arms (full rotation)
  • Ball socket hips (allows splits front to back and side to side)
  • "Click Click" bendable knees
  • Head poseable side to side
  • Able to stand on her own two feet without assistance (always a useful life skill to have!)
  • Themed illustrated "doll bag" reusable packaging with handles

Contents: Doll, posy, hairband and Inspired by Real Kids wedding card.

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