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Kill Your Friends

Kill Your Friends

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Kill Your Friends

Kill Your Friends - A Bloody Good Card Game is an adults only card game combines shedding, matching and knock-out style game play with a dark and twisted satire on modern life.

A quick and easy game to play again and again, Kill Your Friends is also an eye opening look into our narcissistic society with each card featuring a unique “death”. Whilst some of the “deaths” are a bit of fun and some are just plain silly, others provide a crude, shocking and provoking social commentary covering topics such as depression, police brutality, addiction, health trends and much more which will surely provide a point of conversation around the table.

What’s better is the actual game play. A mongrel cross between UNO, Survivor and Presidents and Arseholes, Kill Your Friends brings out and amplifies the natural competitiveness and aggressive nature of people playing card and board games.

Win by shedding all your cards or simply be the last one standing, Kill Your Friends is a quick and easy game to play again and again, and there is still a clear tactical element to win this “bloody good card game” that will be sure to build a fun rivalry amongst friends.

  • 3-6 Players
  • 5-20 Min Play Time
  • Ages 18+
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